Moda Photography Shoot

The Moda Photography Shoot, an event held by Kansas City Fashion Council,  is a collaborative event featuring models, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and designers. I had the opportunity to design a piece for this beautiful, inspiring young woman. Elli is full of life and this floral romper fit her bright personality perfectly.

Model: Elli

Photographer: Eli Stack

Designer: Schyler Slaven

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Bow Ties

For the annual Apparel Merchandising and Design Alliance fashion show, I made a bow tie line inspired by urban culture and personality. The prints and colors of each bow tie reflect the character of each model and highlight their best traits. Photography by Natalie Bender.

Rightfully Sewn

Rightfully Sewn

Last weekend I attended an event hosted by Rightfully Sewn, a fashion-focused, charitable organization located in Kansas City. This Rightfully Sewn event was a seminar and fabric tradeshow for up and coming fashion designers who want to learn more about the industry and how to make a vision become reality. This event was extremely beneficial to me as a student because I now have a preview of what to expect in the industry before I jump into it.

Kansas City’s fashion district welcomed Anna Livermore of V. Mora, a fashion development and production company. Anna came prepared with all tons of tips and training for up and coming fashion designers. She first focused on the different markets that are available to sell designs; e-commerce vs. retail. She then shared the top 10 mistakes new designers could make. This was extremely helpful for me as a student moving into the fashion industry because I can now avoid these mistakes and not waste precious time, energy, or funds. The next topic she included was how to build your brand through social media and the right target market, something that I can combine with what I have learned in the school of business. The most helpful topic Anna covered were the steps a designer should take before going into production; about 40 steps! Wow, there are a lot of details to think about before mass producing and selling your designs.

Overall, this experience was invaluable. Not only was I able to attend my first real fabric tradeshow and expand my knowledge of fashion design reality; I was able to reconnect with designers in the Kansas City area and meet many more talented design professionals. I am so excited to have an organization like Rightfully Sewn putting on these events to keep Kansas City’s fashion district growing.